Hey Mt. Kisco, Will You Buy The iPhone 5?

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WESTCHESTER, N.Y. ‒ The new iPhone 5 makes its debut Friday, but many die-hard supporters have been lining up for days in front of their local Apple Store to be among the first to own the phone. Apple received 2 million orders in the first 24 hours of announcing its release date, more than twice the number for the iPhone 4S when that phone launched a year ago, the Associated Press said.

Analysts have estimated Apple will ship as many as 10 million of the new iPhones by the end of September.


Do you plan to buy the new iPhone 5?

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Do you plan to buy the new iPhone 5?

  • Yes, I've marked my calendar!

  • No, I'm happy with what I have already.

  • I'll wait until the bugs are worked out.

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Comments (8)

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Poll answers are flawed. Marking of the calendar was relevant several weeks ago. But many have ALREADY bought (or ordered) it.

Got it love it its the best smart phone out there!

nope. anything apple is a joke, you are paying 5 times the price for something that any smartphone will do the same or better,

Now I have the Samsung galaxy S3 and I see no reason to go backwards.

Two more weeks before shipping starts