The Rose Room Set To Open As Mount Kisco's Newest Eatery

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The Rose Room, a new dining spot, serves a mixture of Italian and American cooking. It's moving into the former home of F.A.B., a French Bistro that closed late last year. The new restaurant will open in February. Photo Credit: Facebook

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. -- New Mount Kisco dining spot, The Rose Room, is preparing to open in the former home of French American Bistro (F.A.B.) at 222 East Main St.

Set to welcome its first customers in February, Mount Kisco's newest restaurant will serve American food with an Italian touch and will feature a spacious bar and lounge area.

Co-owners Michael Lubic, a Somers resident, and his mother Lisa Lubic, from Mahopac, are renovating the interior of F.A.B.'s old site, which closed late last year.

The two have owned Traditions 118 in Granite Springs in Somers for the past eight years. This first restaurant, located at 11 Old Tomahawk Street on Route 118, offers an eclectic lunch and dinner menu that features steak, pasta, salads and seafood.

While simultaneously preparing their new restaurant in Mount Kisco for its February opening, Michael and Lisa Lubic also completed renovations at Traditions this fall, according to its website, equipping the space with a new climate-controlled bar and lounge area.

The extended Lubic family is a family of restaurateurs and, in fact, one Lubic owns an Italian restaurant in Mount Kisco already.

Eddie Lubic owns Italian standby Eduardo’s Restaurant and opened another restaurant earlier this year: the Muscoot Tavern on Route 100 in Somers.

In May, Eddie Lubic and his wife Ann-Margaret Wagner bought the historic Muscoot building, which was a Thai restaurant at the time, gave it an extensive renovation and renamed it. The Muscoot also serves Italisn food, but mainly focuses on traditional tavern food at budget-friendly prices.

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It looks very nice. I didn't have a change to visit the restaurant yet, but I would love to go there one time.Speaking of food I am interested if someone knows any dealer that has yogurt machines for sale. I have a friend that is going to open a frozen yogurt shop and he needs some really good machines to start with.


The original and the real Muscoot was definitely not a Thai restaurant, though the owner / cook may have been. They always served the best Italian food, including delicious, thin crust pizza, as well as great burgers. And at affordable prices.

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