Westchester Hospital Studies Nutrition-Prostate Cancer Link

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Northern Westchester Hospital's Clinical Trials Program is actively recruiting men for their MEAL study, which examines the possible impact of nutrition on the progression of prostate cancer. Photo Credit: Liz Button

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. – The "MEAL" study at Northern Westchester Hospital's Clinical Trials Program is just what it sounds like.

Short for the "Men’s Eating and Living" study and sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, MEAL is currently recruiting subjects to test whether a high-vegetable diet will lower risk for prostate cancer progression compared to a “standard” diet, according to a release from the hospital.

To probe whether diet and nutrition plays a role in the development or progression of prostate cancer, subjects will be studied to compare the effects on their cancer of consuming different foods and food groups, the release said.

The hospital, which is home to the Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, is actively recruiting patients for the study, which was designed for New York men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been placed on active surveillance, the release said.

This surveillance status is also known as the "watch and wait" approach, which means these men have not yet begun chemotherapy or radiation or undergone surgery. 

Dr. Joshua Fink, Medical Director of Clinical Trials at Northern Westchester Hospital will oversee the study, according to the release.

“It would be a huge step forward if, one day, doctors could tell a man that what he eats directly impacts the progression of his disease," said Dr. Fink in the release. "This information might empower our patients to directly affect their health on a daily basis based on their eating habits.” 

Northern Westchester Hospital provides other modes of prostate cancer support for men, including the Prostate Health & Wellness Support and Lecture Series, co-sponsored by The American Cancer Society.

The group, which is held on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m., is facilitated by a prostate cancer survivor and features guest speakers who are experts in prostate health.

If you are a man interested in participating in the MEAL study or would like more information about other studies in the hospital's Clinical Trials Program, call (914) 666-1366.

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