Hospital Calls Mount Kisco Fire Dept. For Odd Smell

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Northern Westchester Hospital had to call the Mount Kisco Fire Department Tuesday when a vending machine began to emit a strong odor. Photo Credit: Liz Button

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. – No emergency, it seems, is too big or too small for the ER staff  at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco.

When a vending machine in the emergency department waiting area began to emit a strong odor Tuesday, ER personnel called in the Mount Kisco Fire Department.

Firefighters determined that a motor in the vending machine had seized, causing the smell. 

Hospital officials say there is a protocol to follow even for minor incidents like Tuesday's and that work in the ER never missed a beat.

"There was no interruption to operations or patient care and all the protocol was followed," said hospital spokesperson Gretchen Mullin.

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Drills are conducted once each month in the nighthawk radiology wing, with extra drills when faculty feels it is necessary. A unique system of bells is designated as the signal for fire. Teachers and school personnel are assigned responsibilities, such as simulating the call to 911, shutting off all power and checking each room and closet on the premises.

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