Sen. Ball Slams Utilities’ Response To Sandy Outages

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Sen. Greg Ball hands out dry ice in Lewisboro on Wednesday. He was critical of NYSEG's response to the blackouts.
Sen. Greg Ball hands out dry ice in Lewisboro on Wednesday. He was critical of NYSEG's response to the blackouts. Photo Credit: Bob Dumas

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Sen. Greg Ball had harsh for words for utility companies Wednesday for not restoring power more quickly to the hard-hit Hudson Valley.

He noted that the companies estimated it could take as many as 10 days in some cases for power to be restored.

“We applaud the first responders, law enforcement, fire and work crews working around the clock, yet according to the current predictions, utilities are expecting power restoration to take over a week – this is absolutely unacceptable; 10 days is too damn long,” Ball said in a statement.

“We need the utilities to communicate more openly with the towns and local work crews and work in partnership. We also need the utilities to immediately provide real updates on their websites, with estimated times for power restoration.”

NYSEG reported that as of 5 p.m. Wednesday 31,555 of its 32,524 customers remained without power.

Ball, who spent the day helping to distribute dry ice and bottled water at locations throughout northern Westchester, said he was concerned about elderly residents stuck in cold, dark homes without power.

“We are going to have a very bad situation if we can’t take care of this in a couple of days,” he said while handing out bags of dry ice at the Lewisboro Town House on Wednesday afternoon.

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Comments (8)

will con ed reemburse us for the gasoline we're using for generators???

I don't think it would be so bad if the companies would keep people updated as to what was going would be easier to plan for the days ahead if you knew what was happening. But calling these places and checking the websites is useless. The people taking the calls have no clue what's happening and the sites are updated with the bare minimum, if at all.

How about the cable company, comcrapic. I have power but no phone, internet and cable. They tell me its because I have no power. Gotta love them!

really? complaining about the cable? Thousands of people without power all around, no running water, no heat.


Most likely they lost power or had a broken wire somewhere along the way. Verizon FiOS is usually very reliable but I have a friend who has been out since Monday night (and he has a whole house generator). He found a Verizon crew and asked them the status. They need to wait for trees to be removed so power can be restored so they can fix their wires.

Oh NOW he notices! I swear, everytime Mother Nature farts us NYSE&G customers are out of power for weeks!

I hope with all these businesses out of power that these power companies who dare charge us as much as they do kick their current managers out the door and get their act together.

Hahahaha, I said the same thing! Someone farts too loud and power is out for days. It's horrible. You're right, we pay out the butt for their service but when we really need them to at least be vocal about what's going on, they ignore us. Just tell us what you're doing and what to expect!!

Seriously! (Also, your fart joke was better. I bow down to you good sir/ma'am.)