Yorktown Family That Survives Fire Searches For Hero Dog Nero

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The Eliseo family is desperately searching for Nero who ran off after a fire destroyed their home. Marie Eliseo believes Nero saved her life and her mother's life. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maria Eliseo
Nero has been spotted in Cortlandt since the fire. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maria Eliseo
Anyone who finds Nero should contact Guilio Eliseo at 914-261-5997. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maria Eliseo
Guilio Eliseo said he considers Nero to be like a son to him. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maria Eliseo

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- Guilio Eliseo's dog Nero is like a son to him.

Eliseo is desperately searching for Nero, a 150-pound black Newfoundland with a white chest. 

Eliseo's family recently survived a fire on Nov. 24 that destroyed their home at 3784 Wildwood Street in Yorktown and killed three of their dogs.

Nero saved the life of Eliseo's daughter, Marie and wife, Maria, when he began barking and howling, waking up Marie as she slept on the couch. 

"It was a very serious howl," Marie Eliseo said. "He woke me up before the alarm went off. By the time the alarm went off, the flames were over where I was sleeping. If it wasn't for Nero, I wouldn't be here. We have to find him."

She escaped the house and quick-thinking neighbors Brian Avery and Joshua Reed saved her mother, who recently underwent hip replacement surgery, from the roof of their porch using a 20-foot ladder.

Sightings of Nero have been reported all over Yorktown and Cortlandt.

A woman reported seeing fresh tracks near the Elks Club near Route 202, and also near Route 202 near Route 132.

Monday night, the family heard a report of a sighting, but again didn't have any luck.

"We really do want him back," Guilio Eliseo said. "Without him, I would not have my wife or daughter."

Eliseo said anyone who sees Nero should call him immediately at 914-261-5997. Eliseo said not to chase with him, but follow him after calling him.

"I will come immediately," Eliseo said. 

Eliseo said he responds to Nero, and also to Moose. He likes Milk-Bone dog biscuits.

The family is living with cousins in Somers and recently rented a condominium in Mohegan Lake. 

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Comments (4)


Agreed! He'll probably try to go home - can neighbors keep a look out? We certainly will - even though we're in furnace woods area of Cortlandt we go to Yorktown frequently!


The rescuers were Brian Avery and Robert Cole!


Call your animal control and ask them to be on the lookout. The dog will probably return to the scene of the fire looking for his family. Ask the neighbors to leave out food AND WATER . I DON'T KNOW YORKTOWN AT ALL BUT I SUSPECT THERE ARE COYOTES AROUND. Call your shelters and be aware the dog is looking for it's family. If one sees it try to get it to come to you by holding out food or treat. I keep a leash that slips around the neck for such purposes, have found stray dogs before. Just keep praying and thinking good thoughts. I have a newfoundland so I know how loyal they are. Good luck!

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