County Police Officials To Give Mount Kisco Merger Talk

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Officials with the Westchester County police will give a presentation of the proposed police consolidation with Mount Kisco on Monday, June 16.
Officials with the Westchester County police will give a presentation of the proposed police consolidation with Mount Kisco on Monday, June 16. Photo Credit: Daily Voice File Photo

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. -- Officials with the Westchester County Department of Public Safety are scheduled on Monday, June 16, to give a presentation on the proposed police consolidation with Mount Kisco.

The meeting, which will involve the village Board of Trustees, is planned for 7 p.m. and will be held in the second-floor meeting room in Village Hall.

The county police department's presentation will include findings and an analysis, according to an announcement released by the village.

Mount Kisco and Westchester County officials have been in talks since late 2011 about a potential merger.

A consolidation, according to details recently provided by Mayor Michael Cindrich, would involve village police resigning and becoming county police. It would also involve a contract stipulating that the village gets a dedicated number of police officers. Space in Mount Kisco's police station would also be used by county police.

The estimated savings from joining with the county, Cindrich disclosed, would be about $2.4 million over five years, although he called the financial impact “cost-neutral.” The mayor previously noted that more police would be on patrol.

Earlier this month, the trustees gave approval for seeking $400,000 in state funding to pay for transitional costs of a potential deal.

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Comments (10)

I just was informed, Kim's husband Mount Kisco Police lieutenant Louis M. Terlizzi actually made just about $$$ 200,000.00 for more than three years. So that will be a 100,000.00 year pension pretty much and has 100% medical coverage for retirement. That's a significant nut to carry. How many more retires can our Village handle. Especially since Kim informs us that the PD is understaffed. There will be lots of overtime and lots of $ 100,000.00 pensions. Mount Kisco can't support that. All residents will be getting a significant tax increase just to cover pension costs and then the police department will suffer cuts and instead of gaining police officers on patrol, saving money, and having safer streets we will loose coverage and our children and our children's children will suffer. This is. No brainer and has to happen otherwise we are signing our death warrant. Ohhh boy

Nice try..your numbers regarding my husbands salary and pension are grossly inaccurate. With the police department down 25% of its workforce, the village has been saving that money for years. The money for all of those unfilled positions have been budgeted to the police department. What has the village been doing with all of the money for all of these years? Why is the department in such shambles? All of the facts need to be provided in a transparent manner for the RESIDENTS to make an informed decision. justice914...different article, 3rd time I'm asking you a simple question...Are you opposed to letting the residents decide the future of their police department? Please answer this time! PUT IT TO A VOTE!!!

We haven't heard the idea yet so we will see. It does seem like the only logical idea before the police dept folds. Just have to be even more careful early the streets after dark if there is no change See YOU MOnday. Those numbers are just about spot on..

Are you a politician? The answer to my very simple question was either Yes or NO! I'm not even sure what your answer meant! To your point regarding rising pension costs , Village Manager Jim Palmer disagrees. In April 2014 an article in The Examiner, Jim Palmer said "Another advantage this year was a $49,000 decrease in the village's pension obligations" I can't help but come back to the facts: Westchester County Police are paid approximately 30% more than our police with better benefits, we are going to be getting more police on duty in our town ALL for less money! You will see me at the meeting, but I will not know who you are unless you identify yourself, which I suspect you won't. Let the residents decide. PUT IT TO A VOTE!!

Kim actually has a very good point regarding the County police services I mentioned. They are indeed available and paid for via County taxes. Why is it then that the Mt. Kisco taxpayers are being forced to fund an ENTIRE police department? For duplication of service? So that a single lieutenant can make $160K+/year? And, according to Kim, the police department is understaffed, under-resourced, and under paid to boot! Mandated tax and spending caps pretty much tie the hands of small municipalities that only have so much to work with, so we can pretty much forget about hiring cops or paying even more overtime. According to 2003 data, “The MKPD consists of 1 Chief, 3 Lieutenants, 5 Sergeants, 4 Detectives and 21 Police Officers.” (Source: That’s an awful lot of bosses for an awful few officers. Fortunately, the taxpayers can get more for less by simply contracting with the County police for services like local patrol and enforcement, not to mention the entire administrative resource spectrum that comes with the County police. It’s simply a larger, better equipped, more capable agency. Mt. Kisco has done well with what they have, but it’s time for the big leagues. The Village residents deserve more for their money. CONSOLIDATION means to form a partnership. It means cutting out the excess. Again, I'm looking forward to hearing more, and I thank Mayor Cindrich and the board of trustees for their open-minded, progressive leadership.

First of all, Mount Kisco is not a small municipality, we are the big leagues of Northern Westchester. All other local towns and villages support their police, HAPPILY! The question should be why has our village board chosen to neglect our police department for years? DB Grant...different article, same question (which I've asked you multiple times)...Are you opposed to letting the residents decide the future of their police department? Please answer this time! By law, this need to be put to a referendum. PUT IT TO A VOTE!

While Mt. Kisco is a central hub and definitely a dining and business destination, it is a small municipality, dwarfed in both population and land area by every single one of its immediate neighbors (Yorktown, Bedford, & New Castle). It’s no wonder the tax base struggles to support a full-feature police agency in addition to all other municipal services. Want to know why Bedford and New Castle "happliy" support their police? Ask a Bedford or New Castle taxpayer. The Mayor and board of trustees hold regular meetings; I read the minutes online. They routinely receive, discuss, and authorize bids for major capital improvements such as replacing roofs, bridges, and water mains; infrastructure the public uses daily but never gives a second thought to. They follow protocol and the work gets done, yet I cannot recall ever voting to authorize the replacement of a roof, bridge, or water main; improvements that COST the Village millions of dollars. The police consolidation SAVES millions. Why are you so intent on voting for keeping an inefficient police department when better police services are being offered at a significant savings? Oh, right... overtime. Sorry, Kim. Thanks, Mayor Cindrich.

You are comparing apples to oranges. Although population and land area of neighboring towns may be larger than Mt. Kisco, the influx of people into our diverse village on a daily basis is exponentially greater than ALL neighboring towns, hence the need for more police services. That makes us the "big leagues"! The law does not require tax payers to vote for every capital project, but DOES require a permissive referendum for a de-facto abolishment of its police department. As I mentioned previously, if this merger goes through, my husband will be making about 30% more base salary plus overtime there( not to mention better benefits!) Clearly it is NOT about the money. We are residents FIRST! I guess by now I get that for some reason you will not answer my very simple question. I find that curious. Let the residents decide. PUT IT TO A VOTE!

All of those services are available EVERY town in Westchester County paid for by our county taxes. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! NEVER
give up your local police department! Do this the right way...let the residents decide!

Savings of millions for Mt. Kisco taxpayers, cost neutral to the County, Mt. Kisco's current officers become County officers and are then contracted to police the Village, PLUS ready access to all the resources of the County police? Ballistics, crime analysis, digital evidence, forensics, narcotics, aviation, K-9, and a special response unit are just some of the enhanced services Mt. Kisco will be getting, not to mention the benefits of not needing to maintain a fleet of police cars and paying for pension/health benefits. On top of it all, a fixed contract means no outlandish overtime expense for the Village in the event of emergencies. Can't wait to get all the details, this sounds like an exciting opportunity for the community and the officers alike.